A Collaboration with Talking Threads

Liadh has been part of an ongoing collaboration with fashion blogger Síomha C of Talking Threads since 2014. The two work well together by combining Liadh's skill for photography, concentrating on capturing the shape and structure of the fashion worn by Síomha. The content produced is then used on Síomha's platform making it an advantageous collaboration for both.

Liadh created a tabloid (see video below) which showcased some of the best work the two had made together, including photographs which were used as part of an article for The Irish Independent in 2015. This was the first material piece designed and produced by the pair with their main focus always being digitally based. The intent behind this website was that it would be another platform to show their work, concentrating on Liadh's photography. The two have worked together on projects for brands such as COS and Etsy since their partnership began in 2014. They continue to work as a team producing photographs allowing Liadh to expand her portfolio of fashion images and Síomha to produce strong, engaging content for Talking Threads.